Tranquil Flow Holistic Interiors and Feng Shui

"An interior is the natural
  projection of the soul"

Coco Chanel

Reclaim your life by
creating greater balance
and harmony with Feng Shui

"A journey of a thousand
miles begins with one step"

Lao Tzo

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Holistic Design and Feng Shui

Holistic Design combines Classical Feng Shui, Chromo therapy ( Color Therapy) Principles and Green Design differing from traditional design in that it moves beyond form, function and aesthetically pleasing spaces to emphasize the importance of creating environments that are harmonious with the physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing of the client. It is an integrative approach that utilizes the balance of the elements, light, color, aromatherapy as well as incorporating Eco friendly and Environmentally safe products and furnishings.

Classical or True Feng Shui is based on the study of the natural environment and how to live in harmony with the natural forces that govern the relationship between people and nature. “Kan Yu,” the original name for Feng Shui means, “Raise the head and observe the sky above. Lower the head and observe the environment around us.” This practice is thousands of years old and conforms to the basic Universal Law of the Macrocosm/Microcosm or The Seven Universal Laws by which everything is governed. Understanding these principles reintegrates us with nature and can greatly improve our lives.

Incorporating Feng Shui enables us to analyse the interaction of energy (Qi) between people (Microcosm) and their environment (Macrocosm). Imbalances are corrected by introducing the Elements of nature in correct amounts which include Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal as well as balancing Yin and Yang energies. Bringing in the elements of nature resonates with us on a deeper level and is another way to support health and wellbeing.

Today we spend 90 percent of our time indoors. Not only are we disconnected from the healing energy of nature, according to the EPA compared to typical outdoor concentrations, concentrations of indoor pollutants are often two to five times higher. Since so much time is spent indoors, it is extremely important to pay close attention to the products we bring into our homes.

Your environment is a reflection of you. Your ideal home or work environment can be achieved by taking into consideration aspects of your personality, goals and aspirations as well as becoming aware of what may be causing or contributing to any challenges you may be experiencing in your personal life or health.

My goal as a Holistic Design Consultant and Feng Shui Practitioner is to help you understand the powerful effect your environment has on your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health and how it may be contributing either positively or negatively to your over all wellbeing. By incorporating my experience in Residential, Commercial and Green Design as well as Holistic Health, Energy work and Chromotherapy I can guide you thorough the design process helping you design a plan that aligns with your intentions, budget, and style as well as nurturing and supporting your journey towards health, wellness and the attainment of your goals.

Benefits of Holistic Design and Feng Shui

  • An Increased sense of wellbeing
  • Improved Health and Immunity
  • Improved Relationships
  • Increases and improves the energy flow in homes and workplaces
  • Raises the vibrations of your home or work place
  • Invites prosperity and success
  • Helps you to become mindful of the little things
  • Attracts positive changes, helps to attain goals and increases productivity.

Feng Shui

Feng Shui is a combination of conscious intention, physics, and the relationship between the macrocosm and microcosm – creating balance and living in harmony with the natural forces of nature.

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Let me help you create an environment of distinction and harmony that “invites you in” an inner sanctuary of your dreams. My goal is to help my clients create sacred spaces that will enhance their prosperity, improve relationships and strengthen their health.

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Well balanced working environments maximize the potential for success. Feng Shui helps support the goals of the business, increases effectiveness of the level of creativity with minimum effort and less stress. Hidden energies are redirected in the workplace acting to further support a company’s goals.

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Real Estate

Feng Shui goes hand in hand with good design. Design is visually appealing while the principles of Feng Shui enhance the energy flow within the home. A home conveys a story to any visitor who steps through the front door and it is felt on an unconscious level.

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Space Clearing

Space clearing is one of the most powerful techniques for clearing and synchronizing energy in our lives. It can transform a dismal environment into a sacred space. The energy harmonizes and helps turn our homes into a sanctuary. The value of space clearing lies in its inherent ability to regenerate and revitalize environments for success.

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Consultation Information

Consultations are available for both Classical Compass Feng Shui and Western Feng Shui. Classical Feng Shui includes Ba Gua and the Eight Apirations, Ming Gua -Life Destiny, Ba Zhai- Eight Wondering Stars, Flying Stars, Annual Afflictions and Special Chart Patterns.

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Holistic Home Consultations

I am an Accredited Green Design Professional and I have knowledge about how to avoid hidden toxins in the home and how to create healthier homes. I can help you reduce home energy use, conserve water, improve indoor air quality and suggest Eco Friendly and Environmentally Safe materials…

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Nursery & Children’s Spaces

Fixing up the nursery is one of the most exciting things you’ll do in preparation for your baby’s arrival. It is another way of showing love for your unborn child. While we often think of what we put into our bodies while carrying our babies we may not necessarily be concerned or even realize what kind of environment…

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Color Consultations

Did you know that the deliberate use of color in your home can help you heal or overcome obstacles and create personal power? Did you know the right or wrong use of colors can make a big difference to the success of your business? Chromotherapy is a fun and creative way to bring balance and harmony into your life!

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