Color Therapy Treatments Offered by Tranquil Flow

Chromo therapy, Irradiation

A Chromotherapy Lightbox is used to irradiate the entire body with colored light. This is a powerful color therapy treatment system that not only delivers colored light with a powerful output, it also features a unique harmonizer where light delivered harmonizes with the bodily organ frequencies. Sessions typically last 20 to 40 minutes and can be incorporated while receiving massage.

Color Acupuncture

A Chromotherapy Torch utilizes a natural uncut and unpolished , organic quartz crystal and multiple colored disks . The Crystal Light Balancing Torch and the appropriate color is used to balance “Chi” to both the meridians and the acupuncture points. These points essentially open the energy gateways to dissipate energy blockages and boost the energy flow along the meridians.

Color Reflexology

A Chromotherapy Torch can be used for this treatment . The beam of light is shone through the small crystal onto the reflex areas of the foot or hand.

Special Chakra oil blends are also excellent for color reflexology. Oils is chosen and applied onto the foot at the reflex corresponding to a particular chakra.

Color Breathing and Visualization

Color Breathing uses the power of thought vibrations reinforced by the effects of color vibrations to act with positive effects on the Etheric bodies. This helps correct imbalances and energizes areas of energy which may be depleted. Color affirmations also help us gain the most from positive thinking.

Color Affirmations

Color Affirmations are short positive sentences that are repeated regularly. They can help us gain the most from positive thinking , as it is our old habits and patterns of thinking that do us the most harm. We can use color to move stagnant energy and change engrained patterns of thoughts. Affirmations are designed with the qualities of a particular color.

Colored Glasses

Color in Dress

Color is a language and key to who we are. We feel happiest in the colors of our Aura and we often wear colors the reflect our auric colors and are in tune with our own vibrations. Often we are intuitively drawn to the color we most need and it is the color therapists aim to help you understand these needs. Often we need the colors we do not like. These colors should be gradually introduced as we need a balance of all the colors. We do not always chooses colors that are good for us and wearing too much of one color tells us that we can have an energy imbalance. Each color has its positive and negative qualities and it is finding the right balance for he individual that is key.

Every day we have the opportunity to absorb the energy from each of the colors of the spectrum. We can benefit from the colors of the seasons as well even if we do not live close to nature by including the seasonal colors in our dress.

There are four distinct seasonal personalities and our personalities link to a particular season. Utilyzing color therapy can help you understand how a color will attract certain beneficial forces and energies to you.

Home Color Consultation

Color can be used to create a relaxed , harmonious atmosphere in your environment . The colors in your home should be the colors that are in harmony with your own color vibrations. Then you will be able to relax and feel yourself. Color is one of the major factors in determining how we relate to our environment considering we spend about two-thirds of our time indoors. Changing the colors on your walls can produce more dramatic results than adding new furnishings or altering the structure of the room and is much easier to do.

In Feng Shui the Elements are used to balance the energy of a room , harmonizing the energy with the natural world.

Certain colors work better in some rooms than others, it is important to utilize the best color for the space in order to experience the full benefits.

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We have a very intuitive relationship with smell which passes the middle brain. We react immediately and spontaneously to smell and some of our oldest memories are aromas.

Odor is vibration which travels in the Ether therefore affecting our Etheric body. Aromas can be described as “Invisible Colors” that are absorbed through the skin, nose, and etheric body affecting the endocrine system.

That is why treatment with aromatic essential oils have been used to support healing physically, emotionally and mentally. It is interesting to note that Lavender sellers in England during the Middle ages rarely died of plague.

All plants utilize sunlight for their life and growth absorbing life energy from the colored cosmic rays and storing energy from the sun in the stem, leaves and flowers. When properly preserved the essence from a plant can have a powerful affect on us. Essential Oils are the very essence of the plant.

Essential Oils have a fragrence and a vibration which corresponds to color vibrations. Using essential oils can reinforce the action of color therapy. Many essential oils operate on more than one color frequency.

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