About Kandace

kandace Based on my life experiences and challenges with past chronic health issues I offer a unique approach to health and wellbeing.

Starting my career as an Interior Designer after graduating from the Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale Fla. in 1983 , I worked in South Florida specifically in Residential Interior Design until I moved North eventually relocating in Chicago Ill. I wanted to experience the adventure of a big city while I was still young and Chicago was known for its culture, architecture, museums and design industry. I was not disappointed.

Prior to moving there I worked as a Commercial Designer trained on Steelcase and Herman Miller Office Systems which allowed me to hone my skills in space planning and project management eventually transitioning to a position as a Senior Interior Designer for a company that designed model homes. While working for this company I traveled in the Mid West and to the East Coast designing and installing homes for builders such as Centex, Pulte and Cimmaron homes winning both Gold and Silver Key awards for my designs.

Eventually I married and started a family while working at my own business as a design consultant.

When my son was very young I began suffering from some mysterious health challenges with symptoms of joint pain, sore throat and insomnia. My physicians chalked it off as Tonsilitis and prescribed round after round of antibiotics. After my daughter was born we relocated to North Carolina and I continued to freelance as a designer until I decided to pursue part time work as Birth Doula. I attended births in the Triangle for 9 years as well as starting a support group for women who suffered from traumatic birth experiences as a result of unexpected Cesarean Sections. I became a birth advocate and worked to bring attention to the safety and benefit of Vaginal Birth after Cesarean VBAC in area hospitals. At this point in time I developed an interest in studying massage therapy and began to attend massage school.

During my time in school my physical symptoms became increasingly severe. Traditional medical treatments did nothing to help and eventually even made things worse. Symptoms became so severe they began to interfere with my everyday life and driving. It was eventually discovered that I had been misdiagnosed and had been exposed to Lyme disease while in Chicago. It was also discovered that I had a genetic abnormality which interfered with they way my liver metabolized certain medications, leaving them in my system for longer amounts of time and in higher amounts.

I began to pursue more Holistic practices , integrating them into my life and began to improve dramatically. My experiences as well as what I learned in massage school led to a further interest in Holistic Health practices as well as Energy Medicine. As an Intuitive Empath I always knew I was sensitive to energy in the environment and people but was unaware I could detect it while working with the physical body. After graduating from massage school I attended a lecture by Dr. Mary Asterita-Robol, Ph., D ., DO The lecture was about how Energy Healing modalities can be explained by Quantum Physics. From there I took a course in Energy Healing for Massage Therapists and from there Shamanic Healing.

As a Designer turned Massage Therapist it was inevitable that I would begin to envision the perfect healing environment for my clients so I began to plan for my space. One day I picked up a book on Feng Shui and it was then that I began to connect the dots and learned the Feng Shui is essentially energy healing for the spaces we live and work in on a daily basis.

I had a Eurka moment and it was at that point that I truly knew what my calling was and the concept for Tranquil Flow began to take shape!

I began to develop a business concept that combined Mind, Body , Spirit healing with Environmental healing. One day I had the good fortune of finding a book called “Feng Shui for Health “ The Anatomy of a Home” by Nancy Santo Pietro and I was utterly astounded. Someone else had stumbled onto the same concept and had written a book about it. Not only that…she had suffered from chronic health challenges as well and had developed a business helping people heal through Feng Shui.

I learned about Chromotherapy through another resource as well as reading about it in Feng Shui for Health and I was amazed at the connections between these Energy Healing modalities. I have always had a passion for color and design, integrating it into a healing practice was a dream come true.

Our environments have an impact on our wellbeing, mind, body and soul. We are continually affected by the energy around us and therefore our living and work spaces should be healthy and life affirming. In today’s fast paced world we should return each day to a place of tranquility , rest and inspiration where we feel nurtured and protected on order to function at our best.

We spend 90 percent of our time indoors, it is important for everyone but especially for people who spend a large amount of time recovering indoors to be in environments that will promote health and wellbeing. This includes good energy flow, good air quality , healing light and healing color.

Feng Shui harmonizes our interior environments by balancing the elements of nature as well as promoting good healthy energy flow. My goal with “Tranquil Flow” is to create a business that provides services that support and nurture the body through massage and energy work as well as helping my clients create environments that support the body , mind and spirit as well as nurturing all of the senses.

Even if we are healthy we are often so busy with our lives , meeting others needs that we often forget to create a time in our day to spend with ourselves and rejuvenate. A true healing environment is a place where we can just let ourselves “be”. 75 to 90 percent of all visits to primary health physicians are for STRESS related problems. Stress is America’s number one health problem.

I offer packages that include Home Health Evaluations. Included are body work sessions and tips on how to create a “Sacred” and healing space for yourself and your family.

If you know of someone that is suffering from chronic health challenges or who may be in recovery from Cancer, I can design a whole health package that supports your goals for healing.

In order to complete my vision for Tranquil Flow I am also incorporating knowledge about Green Design practices. I am an accredited Green Designer through “The Sustainable Furnishings Council” and am currently furthering my studies with “Becoming Green Inc,” It is my goal to become LEED certified in the near future.

Based on my own experience with chronic health challenges, I believe we all contain the innate ability to heal. I utilize an integrative approach combining intuition, compassionate listening and technical skills to provide restorative and therapeutic treatment that will aid the body in the natural healing process by sharing knowledge and resources that will enable my clients to become advocates for their own health and wellbeing. I invite you to keep an open mind and pay attention to your surroundings, you may just be surprised at what you discover about yourself!

I am excited to begin this new journey helping you to discover your own path the health and healing.

My Mission Statement”
I believe;

  • Each Person creates their own healing. My intention is to create a safe place for healing to occur.
  • Each person is imbued with innate gifts- all are unique, equal and respected.
  • Each person possesses the power to create change, manifest their own destiny and to leave behind that which no longer serves them.
  • We are all part of a community and our actions affect the whole.
I invite you to take your first step on your journey to creating Tranquil Flow in your own life. I am excited to begin this new journey helping you discover your own path to health and healing.

“Healing may not be so much about getting better, as about letting go of everything that is not you – all of the expectations, all of the beliefs -and becoming who you are.” – Rachel Naomi Remen